About This Book

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In The Inner-Work of Leadership, Barry Brownstein has pioneered a new pathway to effective leadership. Brownstein explains that it is the transformational process taking place inside of us that makes great leaders and great organizations possible. Many books offer us techniques to engage employees, but Brownstein, who holds the CSX Chair in Leadership at the Merrick School of Business of the University of Baltimore, makes clear why techniques wear out quickly, and many managers go on firefighting.

The Inner-Work of Leadership takes us on a journey to discover a fresh, unfailing source of leadership energy. To tap into it, Brownstein shows us how to do our inner-work. We need add nothing; rather, we uncover and then give up mistaken beliefs we have about ourselves and those we lead. When we drop our mistaken beliefs, we discover tremendous reserves of human ingenuity. Following his practical guidance, inner-work leads to elevated purposes, higher values, and simple principles that unleash organizational intelligence.

Integrating the perennial spiritual wisdom, lessons learned by quantum physicists, and modern management principles, Brownstein offers us a lens through which we can see fresh possibilities for intelligent, wholehearted engagement beyond what we have dreamed was possible in organizations. A pathway to emergent, innovative change is revealed. Brownstein amply demonstrates the power of inner-work, sharing the experiences of individuals and the performance of organizations in business, the arts, education, healthcare, and sports.  This masterful book is brimming with guidance and inspiration.

Here is the complete table of content for this must-read book:

Prologue: Why Inner-Work Is Necessary

  • Breaking Our Chains
  • The Better Way

Chapter 1: Leadership and Beliefs

  • Good to Great
  • Stale Beliefs
  • Seeing Our Beliefs
  • Mindset

Chapter 2: Leading Without Controlling

  • Costly Errors
  • The “Great Man”
  • Is There Order Without Control?
  • Nordstrom’s Simple Rule
  • Bob Nardelli Takes “Control”
  • Ricardo Semler Gives Up Control
  • Looking Past Problems

Chapter 3: From I to We

  • Nucor Steel
  • Just Plain Jim
  • Wholeness Is Not Contrived
  • The Attributes of Wholeness
  • Two Thought Systems
  • Am I Separate?
  • Alone and Frightened
  • Externalizing Our Way to Ineffectiveness
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Closing the Separation Gap

Chapter 4: Leading From a False Premise

  • Big Egos, Bad Leaders
  • The Real Alternative
  • Beginning the Inner-Work
  • Real Individuality Comes From Wholeness
  • The Subtraction Solution
  • Finding Our True Self At Work
  • Healing the Cause

Chapter 5: Surrendering to the Leader Within

  • Dropping Our Stories
  • Demoting the Doer
  • Actionless Action
  • No Kernel of Nourishing Corn
  • “It’s All Here Within Your Hearts”

Chapter 6: Leaders Choose Again

  • Becoming a Neutral Observer
  • The Theme That Won’t Stop Playing
  • Catching Our Self-Deception
  • Allow Gratitude to Transform You
  • Choosing Appropriate Diet and Exercise
  • Choosing Happiness

Chapter 7: Values and Principles Show the Way

  • Success Without Integrity
  • Success Beyond Success
  • Living From the Inside Out
  • Just a Few Smashed Parcels
  • Generalizing the Lesson
  • Do You Eat Your Broccoli?
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Principles and Profits

Chapter 8: The Power of Purpose

  • Purpose Is What Anything Is For
  • Add Value to Everyone
  • Purpose Is Everything
  • An Inspired Purpose
  • Coherence around Values and Principles
  • Synchronicity and Purpose
  • Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity
  • You Don’t Have To Be Good
  • Climbing the “48”
  • Deepening Our Purpose

Chapter 9: Engaging Others

  • A Basic Problem
  • You Can’t Disagree at NASA
  • Stump-the-CEO
  • Dialogue and Engagement
  • Preparing for Dialogue
  • The Fear of Being a Doormat
  • Emergent Change

Chapter 10:  Change Happens

  • True Power Comes From Being Nobody
  • It’s Not About You
  • Prevent Defenses
  • Pursue Organizational Intelligence
  • Education at Zappos
  • Educating Others
  • “There Is Nothing Stronger Than Gentleness”
  • The Larger Journey