About Barry

Barry Brownstein (PhD Rutgers University) holds the CSX Chair in Leadership at the Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore where he has taught since 1979.  A winner of numerous teaching awards, he is known for his quality, innovative teaching in both MBA classrooms and in seminars. He has been  described as a virtuoso, the rarest and highest level of educator, who creates a learning environment that supports personal discovery and insight.

In The Inner-Work of Leadership: A Guide to Personal and Organizational Transformation, he masterfully integrates personal, organizational, and market levels to build a coherent, fascinating, and powerful framework that leaders find immediately useful. Readers of his earlier Brownstein Letter, will find in The Inner-Work of Leadership, the same quality of honest reflection that peeks self-awareness and promotes healthy change.

Readers of Barry’s blog Giving Up Control benefit from his keen observations as he cuts to the heart of issues in economics, leadership, and the inner-journey. In addition, he has authored numerous articles, edited two books, testified before the U.S. House of Representatives on nuclear power, and was the founding editor of the University of Baltimore Business Review.

Barry’s writings are unique in that he reveals the foundations upon which he builds and brings the great conversations of our times to his readers. For example, you will find the insights of  Nobel laurate in economics F. A. Hayek, physicist David Bohm, and psychiatrist Thomas Hora knit together to give readers practical perspectives on challenging personal, organizational, and societal problems. He inspires his readers by sharing stories and advice found in the words of sports figures, artists, poets, generals, entrepreneurs, and many others. John Wooden, Martha Graham, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Admiral Halsey, Ken Iverson, John Mackey, and Jim Sinegal make their entrances and point the way to the genius in each of us. As a writer and scholar, Barry’s genius is to translate and integrate timeless wisdom putting it in reach of every person who picks up his book.

When Barry puts down his pen, he puts on his boots and goes for a hike. In 2002, along with his wife and then seven year-old twins, he began a multi-year project to climb all of the 48 peaks above 4000 feet in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. They completed their odyssey on Mt. Adams in August 2006. His blog Climbing the “48” tells the story.